A leading provider of maritime connectivity
We are dedicated to revol utionizing 
the maritime connectivity bydelivering 
advanced solutions thatenhance efficiency 
and communication capabilitie​s at sea.



A leading provider of maritime connectivity. 
We are dedicated to revolutionizing 
maritime connectivity by delivering 
advanced solutions that enhance 
efficiency and communication 
capabilities at sea. 

With a focus on innovation, reliability
and customer satisfaction we strive to empower maritime org​anizations 
with the tools they need to excel in today's rapidly evolving digital 
Kawinson Digital, We specialize in developing and implementing maritime connectivity that addresses the unique 
challenges faced by themaritime sector.

  • innovation
  • reliability
  • Customer satisfaction


We provide high-speed, global satellite 
communication solutions specifically 
designed for maritime applications. 

Our systems offer reliable voice, data 
and video connectivity ensuring seamless 
communication between vessels, portsand 
onshore facilities.

Effective communication is vital for 
seamless and secure maritime operations. 

Kawinson leverages the latest 
advancements in communication technologies to deliver robust 
and reliable solutions tailored 
to the maritime industry.

Our services include satellite communication 
systems, voice and data connectivity, video 
conferencing and collaboration platforms. 

We provide reliable and secure communication solutions that enable real-time information  exchange, efficient coordination and effective decision-making across the maritime ecosystem. 

We go beyond just communication services. 
Our skilled IT support team is dedicated to managing your network infrastructure, cybersecurity, software updates and more. 
Count on ourservice to optimize your IT operations and mitigate any potential risks, allowing you to focus 
on what you do best.


load balance 
& fail over

Our solution ensure optimal bandwidth utilization and seamless failover for uninterrupted internet connectivity.

user managment

Easily manage user access and permissions to maintain control and security over your network.

traffic managment

Prioritize and manage network traffic 
to optimize performance and ensure essicient utilization of bandwidth.

log usage

Stay compliant with local regulations by logging and monitoring internet usage on board.

next-generation firewall

Safeguard your network with advanced firewall capabilities, protecting against unauthorized access and threats.


To be the global leader in maritime communication solutions and 
empowering organizations with advanced technologies and driving 
the future of the maritime industry.